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  • The Virtues of Pattern Matching for your Business

    by Peter S. Buchanan

    Pattern Matching is about more than crunching data in analytics applications.  It’s about looking for opportunities in quantitative AND qualitative data and personal interactions and then acting on your insights faster and with...

  • The Absolute Need for Automated Testing

    by emorymerrymantenmilesquare

    Automated testing can radically increase the reliability of custom-developed applications and make it easier to add new features and components. The Protractor capability in Google’s AngularJS is a great way to put automated...

  • Ansible State of Mind, Part 1 – Automate First

    by Jason Mao

    If it’s not automated, it’s not done. Changing your approach from “implement now and automate later” to “implement means automate” will take you a long way down the road to Continuous Delivery. By Jason Mao and Rob Giseburt The...