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  • Innovation and Cockroach Parts In Shenzhen, China

    by alden10mi2

    Our earlier posts discussed the electronics markets and ecosystem in Shenzhen. A common conception is that China is known for cheap copies and knockoffs of brand products. From what we saw this is still true. Shenzhen has an...

  • On Becoming Agile

    by Frank Oelschlager

    I regularly help clients with adopting repeatable and sustainable product development and delivery capabilities. One form this can take is the adoption of agile development practices, i.e., “agile transformation”. Over the years...

  • Shenzhen, China as an Electronics Ecosystem

    by alden10mi2

    In our previous post we talked about the markets of Shenzhen. But the markets are just the most visible part of the Shenzhen electronics ecosystem. Other major parts include factories, logistics, finance, recycling, and in-...